Medical Trust

Medical Trust Saint Petersburg, Fl


The South Pinellas Medical Trust provides professional liability insurance to more than 300 physicians in southern Pinellas County, Florida. Founded during the professional liability insurance crisis in 1976, the Trust has been in continuous operation ever since 1976 and has saved member physicians millions of dollars.  


In 1976, professional liability insurance in Florida was in crisis. No insurance companies were available to write this coverage for physicians, so the legislature passed a law allowing the establishment of medical malpractice trusts. The South Pinellas Medical Trust began with 65 member physicians on January 1, 1976, and quickly grew. Assets at the end of 1976 amounted to $219,000, and more than 100 physicians were members. The Trust currently has over $13 million in assets and more than 300 member physicians.

Gain control of your legal defence -

    The Trust has a dedicated outside counsel and an medical malpractice expert on staff.