Medical Trust

Claims Management

The board of the Trust, consisting of 15 local physicians of varying specialties, selects physicians to be added as members to the Trust based in part on their likelihood to produce claims for the Trust. When claims arise, the board handles them in conjunction with our attorney, Troy Crotts, of the law firm Bush Ross.


The Trust's philosophy is to settle claims quickly if they have merit and where an actual injury has occurred. In situations without basis or frivolous lawsuits, the Trust launches a vigorous defense to protect the physician's reputation. The Trust has primarily used two attorneys since the inception of the Trust, and has prevailed in almost all of cases that have gone to trial.


Administrators of the Trust since its inception have been William P. Wallace or Andrew L. Wallace. The current manager of the Trust, Andrew Wallace, is a graduate of Florida State University's College of Business, with a B.S. in Risk Management and Insurance.


The founder of the Trust was Andrew Wallace's father, William P. Wallace, who retired in 1992. Andrew Wallace's grandfather, John Wallace, was also in the insurance business in St. Petersburg.

The future of health care in America is certainly changing.  For the Trust to continue to be successful, our members must continue to provide the best health care available. It is our desire at the Trust Management Company, to continue to provide superior service to all Trust members in a way that will benefit the individual members and society as a whole.