Medical Trust

Medical Trust Coverage

The Trust is structured to self-insure $250,000 for any one patient.  Beyond this, limits are offered up to $1-million for each patient, with reinsurance provided by the General Reinsurance Corp, one of the best rated reinsurance companies, with an A++ rating. 

Included in the Trusts' premium is coverage for most Licensing Agency investigations. 

The coverage written by the Trust policy is claims-made coverage, which means we can cover things that occurred before you were a member of the Trust, but have not yet been reported to you as a claim.  The Trust provides either fully pre-funded tail coverage or the cost is spread evenly over 5 years at the $250,000 per claim and $750,000 aggregate level.  The choice is up to the physician or group which they join.  Rates on the tail coverage can change, so the cost could increase and will if a claim is paid on a physician’s behalf.  Tail coverage above the 250/750 level may be purchased or could be free in the case of death disability or retirement after 5 years of having the excess coverage.


The Trust provides the purest form of insurance that there is.  There is no need for profit to be built into our rates, as all moneys collected by the fund that are not used in the payment of claims or expenses are returned to member physicians. 

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